Lake View Road

Night View of Bhopal Lake and VIP Road from Lake View RoadLake View Road in Bhopal is on the foothills of Shyamala Hills. The 2 kms long Lake View Road starts from CM House and goes all the way to Van Vihar. It’s a destination that everyone in Bhopal loves. Young or Old, Boy or Girl, Hindu or Muslim, Locals, or Visitors, everyone falls to its charm equally.
The best part about it is it’s an all season destination. This is the best place to spend the early morning and evening during summers, enjoy the afternoon sun during winters, and get drenched in rain day or night.

Amongst the common activity includes, walk by the side of the lake, driving / riding your cars and bikes, boating, Winds and Waves Restaurant for a great view of the lake with some snacks or a cup of coffee at Cafe Coffee Day near Boat Club.

Every Morning, you can see lots of health conscious citizens on this road, engaged in Walking, Jogging and Cycling. The pure air and morning climate makes it a perfect place for the elderly to enjoy the environment in the center of town.

Boat Club

Bhopal is the City of Lake, and has many Boating locations, but nothing beats boating on the Upper Lake.  Boat Club was started in late-1980’s to promote water sports in Bhopal. The Boat Club has now become a large setup and the water sports academy relocated to a different building.

Lake Princess Boat Cruise takes tourists on a 45 min trip around Upper Lake Bhopal.
The main activities of Boat Club are Paddle Boats, Motor Boat, Water Scooter, Dolphin Boats and Parasailing. The major attraction of this Boat Club is a small Boat Cruise that takes tourists around for a 45 minute ride. The cruise ride gives a good view of Shyamala Hills, Sheetal Das ki Bagia, Kamla Park Bridge that connects Upper and Lower Lake, Upcoming Cable Stay Bridge that will Connect New and Old Bhopal, Gauhar Mahal, VIP Road and Raja Bhoj Statue.
Tourists can enjoy light refreshments while on the Cruise as light refreshments and cold drinks are served on a payable basis. It has two different decks for tourists, Open Air Upper Deck (Preferable for a good view if the climate is not hot) and Air Conditioned Lower Deck with proper restaurant styled seating. 

Price list of various activities is as follows (as of 1st April 2016, prices may change with time):

  • Boat Cruise – Rs. 100/- per person for upper deck and Rs. 150/- per person for the lower air-conditioned deck.
  • Paddle Boat – (4 pax) Rs 60/- pp every 30 mins
  • Motor Boat – Rs. 210/- pp min 3 persons
  • Water Scooter – Rs. 400/- per person
  • Para Sailing – Rs. 500/-

Timing of Boat Club is 10 am to 7 pm. For further queries you can call Tourist Helpline Number 18002337777


Lake View Walk Path

The Walking Path starts from the Vardhman Park on Kamla Park Road (Diagonally opposite Kilol Park). This 1 Km long walkway passing through the lake side of Bharat Bhavan goes all the way till Pump House near Old Yacht Club pillars. A favorite spot for morning walkers, the well-paved path with well maintained landscape running from side of Upper Lake provides you only pure air to breathe and a pristine environment to enjoy. We highly recommend to experience either a morning walk or an evening stroll along with your family and friends.

Old Steam Engine

Another major attraction on Lake View Road is the display of old deprecated Steam Engine. Indian Railways gifted the heritage steam engine to State Government in 2012. The 80-year-old vintage railway engine is now a favorite of the public visiting Lake View Road. People who are fascinated by the Railways and its engines have the best chance to see steam engine. You can go close enough to touch and feel as well as click a selfie with it, but getting inside Driver’s cabin is not allowed. Children love this well maintained and displayed Engine.


Scaled Down Model of Battle Ship INS Shivalik

Right next to the Boat Club you will find a scaled down model of battleship INS Shivalik on display. The 25 feet long and 8 feet high replica of India’s first stealth warship was built on Mazgaon Deck. Mazgaon Deck is the same place where original ship was built. The replica ship was gifted to state government by then Naval Chief Admiral Nirmal Verma in April 2001. INS Shivalik was the first stealth warship built in India, weighing 6000 tons, the 143-meter-long ship had a crew of 250 seamen including 35 officers. This model is kept inside a glass cabin, though the glass shield has started losing its shine with time, but the INS Shivalik model kept inside it continues to attract visitors of all ages.

Besides the above, there are few more destinations that attract visitors.  There are 2 Hotels with multiple restaurants namely Ranjeet and Winds n Waves. Besides, there is a Cafe Coffee Day and entry gates of Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sanghralaya and Van Vihar National Park. Links to these destinations are available on this website in other sections.

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